The word Artisan has its origin in Latin “Artitus” meaning “Skilled”. An artisan is someone who is skilled at making things by hand and creates products that require a specific skill set unique to their craft. Synonymous with craftsman, an Artisan creates things that can be both creative and functional. Today with advent of mass production and duplication, artisanal products become unique items sought by people who want an authentic touch.

The ARTISAN Collection celebrates the rich history of textile weaving and pays ode to the intricate artisanal techniques that create beautiful end products. The collection also brings a nostalgic fusion of different yarns, colours and weaving techniques from different cultures and lifestyles. Kobe’s design team has created unique interior fabrics showing high level of craftsmanship with a keen focus for both design and functionality.

Each fabric in this collection is developed by translating creative expression using intrinsic techniques. Patterns are infused with colours and detailed designs that add to their depth and dimension. Use of natural materials is a central theme to this collection due to which the fabrics have a naturally soft touch and a beautiful drape. Kobe has also added a new 100% organic material Cupro to our collection. Cupro yarns have been used to create two of the products in the Artisan collection.

Colours in this collection are as alluring in their vividness as in their subtleness. Nature inspired colours in rich tones add to essence of each fabric and the colour palettes offer a versatile use in terms of style and décor.

Combined with timeless plains and basics, Artisan adds a rich variety to Kobe’s fabric library.