No bond is stronger than the connection to our roots.

This connection is as strong as it’s free; giving us the a firm base to grow from and explore. We find ourselves and our core values back in our roots, reconfirming who we are and where we want to go.

We have created the collection ROOTS with a deep connection to nature and Kobe’s design ethos of natural elegance and comfortable luxury.

Natural look & feel, nature inspired textures, patterns and colours translated to fabrics incorporating key elements from interior and fashion trends is central to KOBE’s style vision.

Our design team has combined the inspirations from nature with insights from the latest fashion and interior trends to create ROOTS collection. The collection simultaneously highlights and blends the mysterious complexity and the pure, intrinsic simplicity of nature. With its exquisite fabrics, ROOTS portrays the unpretentious lavishness of nature in a unique mix. Chic linens and rich satins come together with sumptuous velvets and exuberant multi-layered patterns in exciting colour-blends to cater to a versatile array of interior styles.

The fabrics are woven with natural yarn blends and binding techniques that create dimensional depth and a rich volume. Patterns emanate a lively feel with detailed, intricate weaving techniques and multi-coloured layering.

Lustre and depth in the colours take centre stage in Roots. Soft soothing hues and earthy neutrals are combined with lustrous yarns to create a touch of luxury. Opulent accent tones get extra depth from the textures in the fabrics and elevate the fabric. This collection aims to excite and entice interior professionals with its luxurious design appeal.