Look of the month March - Viva Magenta

We are loving the Viva Magenta vibes, and our look is dedicated to this vivacious colour. A pulsating, animated colour descending from the red family, Viva Magenta expresses new signal and strength and promotes joy and optimism. The colour encourages experimentation and self-expression without restraint, welcoming and including everyone.

This bright, crimson red colour has a balance between warm and cool. A truly hybrid tone, Viva Magenta merges richness, warmth and expands horizons of authenticity. The colour is bold, with an exuberant vibe creating a feeling of fun and alluring softness at the same time.

Colour Palette

Viva magenta and complementing shades of the red and pink family have been combined together in this look.

3. MAART -2023 - LOTM - PANTONE jpg low.jpg

Experiment and have fun

Viva Magenta stands for a desire to take on new challenges and try the unconventional. In which part of your home have you been wanting to change something? Go for it, be creative and have fun while doing it. Upcycle your furniture, re-do your interior set up and create your own personal touch that resonates with your style. Our homes and gardens are our personal haven where we can not only recharge, but also have fun and be ourselves.

Experiment and have fun.png

Go for Viva Magenta.png

Go for Viva Magenta

This hybrid colour works well with many other colours and immediately changes the personality of the room. It has a graceful yet fun vibe, and brings glamour to the palette. In a minimalistic or contemporary layout, Viva Magenta can be used as an accent tone to brighten up the room. A sofa or a fauteuil is a perfect choice to bring this colour as a centrepiece. It livens up neutral colour shades like grey or beige and uplifts the spirit of the room. It combines well with soft pink to create a feminine touch. It also works with contrasting tones like Purples, Teals, Blues and Greens to create a luxurious vibe. A playful, bold colour theme can be achieved with combining with other bright colours. Go for Viva Magenta!

Fabrics that complement the colour

This bold colour translates beautifully in lush velvets, chenille’s and rich, flowy satins. These fabrics allow the richness of the colour to stand out fully. Chintzed, glossy fabrics will give enhance this colours vibrancy. Mix and match bold patterns with textured layers to create a striking combination.

Fabrics that complement the colour.png