Look of the month - GLOW


This month, we are not going far for our inspiration. Our new collection GLOW sets exactly the mood that we are looking for – a warm, chic and inviting look with simple, sophisticated elegance. GLOW collection is all about the interplay of light with texture and colours on fabrics and surfaces. In this look, our faux silk wide-width DAHLIA is featured in a modern styled living kitchen with a chic ambience and an uncluttered, luxurious vibe.

Colour palette:

Colour Gold starts front and center in this look, combining with and enhancing the rich earth tones in the rest of the room. The look has a warm glow which is a result of the interplay of light the on the colour theme of this kitchen, especially the curtain DAHLIA making the kitchen a highlight of this house.

5. MEI -2023 - LOTM - DAHLIA GLOW.jpg

Let it GLOW

With the GLOW collection, a range of rich textured fabrics are available in beautiful colours to create warm, welcome interiors. Whether with lighter colours or richer, darker colours this collection gives beautiful texture and colour combination possibilities to create beautiful styles that are epitomes of simple elegance dripping in tasteful luxury. Velvets, luxury chenilles and textures are great fabrics to create the “GLOW” effect in interiors.

Rondeafbeeldingen-LOTMMEI2023-let it glow.png

Rondeafbeeldingen-LOTMMEI2023-combining gold.png

Colour combination for Gold

Gold is a timeless colour that stays in vogue in interiors and offers many colour palettes to work from. It combines well with natural earth tones like beige, brown and taupe to create a sophisticated, chic vibe. Metallic and glass accessories will reflect the colour to give a complementing effect on the total look. Ambience lighting will give the room a warm glow in the evenings. 

Living Kitchen

More and more modern homes have kitchen as a central living space blending into the rest of the room, making it a part of the living room. Styling the living room with the kitchen space together is a key. Are there large windows that allow maximum day-light in? Style it with wide-width ceiling to floor windows that will enhance the height of the room and also allow to choose how much daylight you let in. Choose a pattern or texture that brings the matches with the rest of the room to make the living kitchen a part of your interior statement.

Rondeafbeeldingen-LOTMMEI2023-living kitchen.png