Look of the month September

Hotel Chic – Maximum Privacy

First of all, welcome back! We hope you had a great summer with your near and dear ones, full of sunshine and good vibes. We are excited to resume with our Look of the month series with a brand new look.
This month, we are taking inspiration from Kobe’s new Contract collection, with the dim-out fabric LYRICS CS as highlight. The theme is Hotel Chic, with focus on maximum privacy. Design meets functionality in this look, creating a softly chic bed-room design.
The dim-out Lyrics CS provides a high level of light blocking, sound absorption and also a high level of thermal insulation. With this dim-out, the bed room can be a truly private space allowing for 100% rest and rejuvenation. The all-over geometrical pattern on a satin base gives the fabric a cosily chic vibe that adds a stylish touch to the bed-room.

Colour Palette:
We have opted for a naturally chic colour combination, greyish taupe tones together with black and crème. This colour palette gives the room a quietly chic feel, perfect for a bedroom.

9. September 2023.jpg


Keep it clutter-free

Bedroom is our sanctuary where we can get a much necessary restful, unbroken sleep after busy days. A clutter-free, clean decoration in the bedroom will assure that you can move around easily and not feel cramped, which adds to the feeling of wellness and comfort. Opt for essential furniture and decoration that blends in with the room, uplifting the style without being too present and in the way.

Go for subtle colours

To give the room maximum soothing and comfortable vibe, go for soft colour schemes with neutrals and subtle colour tones layered with your favourite accent colours here and there on the pillows, throws or a duvet. Give the room your personal touch with things that bring you relaxing vibes.


Rondeafbeeldingen-LOTMSEPT2023-kleurpalet beige zwart grijs2.png

Create a comfort corner

If the space allows, create a small comfort corner for yourself with a fauteuil and a foot-stool with good reading light for when you would like to just enjoy the privacy of your room for a little alone time. A comfortable throw, a soft pillow are great to accessorize this corner. Add green plants like spider plants, aloe vera, peace lilies among others that are good for improving the air quality of the room.