Look of the month June - Outdoors


As summer starts, we are all about outdoors and enjoying life outside. After what seemed like a very long winter, we have looked forward to the summer months ahead. With a nonchalant, relaxed vibe, our look this month features our EASY & SAFE INDOOR/OUTDOOR collection front and centre.
These fabrics are developed with focus on achieving the aesthetics of indoor fabrics while meeting the stringent requirements of outdoor use, in matching 12 colours and natural textures.

Colour Palette:
We have gone for a natural colour palette, with shades of beige, crème and sand set against a natural backdrop and its mélange of colours. The colour palette creates a serene, relaxed vibe that fits this look perfectly.

6. JUNI-2023 - LOTM - OUTDOOR rgb MID.jpg

Create your own outdoor look everywhere

Create an outdoor setting in your garden, patio or even veranda (balcony) with our Indoor/Outdoor fabrics. Opt for outdoor styled furniture with comfortable seating. These fabrics can be cleaned easily and are washable so loose covers can be ideal. Combine lush green plants, ambient lighting and decorative touches to create your desired mood.

2. Textures.png

1. Stoel.png

Play with textures and materials

Combine different textures of fabrics and create a layered look by adding cushions and cosy plaids. A multifunctional ottoman as a makeshift table and floor cushions are great for this look. An outdoor rug gives a touch of indoor and added textural comfort. A mix of natural materials for decorative touches combined with a hint of chic in the form of a vase or candle lantern will add to the style.

Colour combinations

Whether you will contrast your colour palette outdoors against your indoor style, or create a smooth transition from inside to out, taste and balance are the key. Choose colours that compliment your style. A mix of complementing colours in tonal variations will create soothing sophistication. An interplay of colourful combination can create a playful, inviting vibe. Go for your favourites and create your own personal statement in your indoor/outdoor look.

3. Kleuren combi 2.png